Antigen Rapid Test

Rapid detection of existing and new strains of coronavirus for multiple people in a work or group environment.
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Antigen Rapid Home Test

Are you preparing for vaccination, visiting your family, or travelling overseas soon? Test yourself quickly, painlessly and safely, at home or any convenient location.
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Recommended for:

  • Employers who want to know whether their employees are contagious.
  • People who want to know if they are contagious at the time of the test
  • People who want to find out whether they have previously had coronavirus
  • People who want to know if they are already protected against coronavirus
  • People who are preparing for a medical examination or intervention where a rapid test is required
  • People who want to find out if they are contagious before and/or after traveling overseas.
COVID-19 Teszt
MINIMUM ORDER: 1000 test pcs
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You want to test multiple people in a work or group environment.

Antigen Rapid Test

You want to test yourself or your child at home.

Antigen Rapid Home Test

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Benefits of MSM rapid coronavirus tests

  • Easy to use
    Tests can be performed in a few steps with simple sampling.
  • Fast result
    The tests can be evaluated after 10-20 minutes - no other equipment is required.
  • Reliability
    Antigen tests show infection with 88% sensitivity and 100% specificity.
  • Outstanding performance
    The test may show infection even before the onset of symptoms, and in some cases may show a positive result even during asymptomatic period.
  • Convenient
    In contrast to other rapid tests requiring extreme cold storage, MSM Medical tests only require room temperature, with storage at between 2 and 30 °C being sufficient.

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